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We have recently been featured in this week’s Scottish based Business7 magazine and ScotlandIS as well.

In case you were curious, here is what the folks at Business7 reported about us!

A fledgling business to create communication solutions for the retail finance sector has been shortlisted for a Shell Livewire Grand Ideas award. Read more…

An Edinburgh University graduate has been shortlisted for Shell LiveWIRE’s Grand Ideas award for her business Interface3. Kate Ho, aged 28, impressed the judges with her idea to create engaging customer facing software for the retail finance sector using the latest multitouch technologies.

Ho started her business after submitted her PhD in Computer Science at Edinburgh University four months ago. She explains, “Interface3 uses the expertise I gained over my studies over the past years. I saw a perfect opportunity to develop software for multitouch interfaces especially with the up-coming release of the iPad and Windows 7 tablets.”

Read more…

RBS has recently asked us to write an article discussing the benefits of multitouch technologies for their Perspectives magazine.

As the publication is internal – reaching over 400 top executives within the group – the focus was on natural user interfaces with respect to the financial services sector.

The final version is a 4 page article with a mention of our new application the Interactive Mortgage Guide!

[Multitouch Interface3 article – RBS Perspectives]