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This afternoon, Stephen and Laurene from local usability firm User Vision popped by for a chat. As one of the biggest and well-known usability and user experience firms in the capital, they’re spearheading the World Usability Day for 2010 in Scotland:

“World Usability Day (WUD) is a global event promoted by the Usability Professional’s Association (UPA) to raise awareness of usability and user experience so that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use.  More than 150 events across 43 countries were held on last year’s World Usability Day.”

This year, User Vision has been selected as one of the five official events around the world. Their event is basically an open doors day (2-6pm) where anyone can go along and engage in some tasks related to usability or try some new hardware.


The theme for the Day is communication. To contribute. we want to showcase how much multitouch interfaces (and interactive tables in particular) change the way that we communicate and work together.

Our discussions really centred around our Interactive Mortgage Guide project. In brief, the mortgage guide was meant for a adviser/client scenario in a bank branch. On the surface (if you excuse the pun!) it might seem like a few graphs and a video or two. But in practice it ends up being so much more because it facilitates a lot more engagement than the previous model where the adviser types on computer more than the customer. Read more…

The buzz around the Interface3 office at the moment is about the Advent Vega multitouch tablet. Retailing for £249 at the high street retailers PC World and Currys, the 10 inch android tablet is something that we’ve been waiting to get our hands on.

This is the start of a number of tablets coming out in the lead up to Christmas: Windows 7 and android. Our plans are to experiment with some of the ideas that we’ve been talking about for a while in terms of multi-platform, multi-user collaboration. Having the ability to move content between multitouch tablets and tables quickly: having individual content on the tablet and bringing that content to enable group-based collaborative content on the table. Although we know some of this multi-platform ideas have been talked about for a while; we want to try and make it a cheap, affordable, robust option.

The advent vega is out on the 18th Oct 2010. We’ll hope to be getting ours soon!

Last week, I was really excited to hear that I’ve been selected to speak at the next Mobile User Experience conference (MEX). As one of the premier conference on mobile interface design, it is a real honour to be accepted.

Whilst looking at the themes for the upcoming conference, I was particularly drawn to one of their pathways, which was about multi-person, single device touchscreen interface design:

#3. Develop interface designs for multi-person, simultaneous use of touchscreens
1. Does face to face interaction over the same device change the dynamics of interface design?
2. Which activities are best suited to multi-person, simultaneous usage and what benefits are derived from sharing the experience?
3. If users are engaged in a mirrored activity on a single device, how can an effective UI design separate certain elements of their experience while unifying others?
4. How will the interaction characteristics change as the number of people engaged in simultaneous use rises from 2 to 3, 4 and beyond? Read more…

Toshiba’s Android tablet, the Folio 100, looks like an interesting device. With NVidia cpu.