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A picture can say a thousand words.
Have you ever tried to explain a game plan to a rugby team or explain to a football player where they went wrong during a match?
Have you ever wanted to just SHOW them?
Say hello to the 2nd Coach Assist App that lets you do just that.

You can freeze a video screen and draw on it.
Just like they do on MOTD.
But brilliant.

Coming soon for download….

We had an awesome time putting together these games with PBS this summer.

The finished product is a SMART table application with 5 mini-games and activities.

Designed for pre-school children, they can improve  their math skills by;

Popping balloons with Alpha Pig, baking a cake with Wonder Red, decorating a crown with Princess Pesto, DJ-ing with SuperWHY or joining in a massive game of pinata!

But these games are more than just entertainment.

The multiplayer, multitouch design of these games allows children to play and learn numeric and algebraic skills without even noticing.