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We are very excited to announce 2 things
1. Our FIRST official partnership with a university.
2. An awesome NEW app that we will be launching soon.

The partnership is with Sue Fletcher-Watson from Edinburgh University School of Education.
The new app is an innovative game designed specifically for very young children with autism.

Sue is part of the ‘CLICK EAST’ project that is addressing the need for good quality software aimed at pre-school children with autism.
The app is aimed at toddlers aged 18mths-3yrs and is designed to help them recognize and pay attention to people.

But why pre-schoolers?
Research shows that the pre-school years can be hugely important in child development, particularly if the child has a developmental disorder (ie. autism or Asperger syndrome).
The National Autistic Society highly recommends the use of educational software in these early years as one of the best methods for parents to encourage their child’s learning.
BUT currently there is very little good quality software to meet this need.


Here at Interface3 we are always excited to be be part of a project that is making it easier for children to learn and develop learning and social skills, so we are delighted to be involved.

And we would love if you would get involved too!
Check out the demo.
Our plan is to have a demo ready to share at BETT this coming January in London.
Let us know your thoughts!

Here at Interface3 we think we’ve put together some pretty sweet games for kids to play together.

But we don’t want to to keep them to ourselves.

So last Friday we were delighted to share our games in a class full of kids at the Junior School in George Watson’s College, Edinburgh.

The kids were introduced to the Interface3 ‘I have’ app and it was great to see them enjoy it (the adults had a pretty good time as well!).

We keep hearing from teachers that the multi touch applications on the market don’t encourage collaborative play so we are dedicated to providing apps that get kids playing and learning together. Check out the app for free :

This week we’ve also been checking out what is happening with technology around the world and stumbled across this massive smartboard,

The demo pretty much speaks for itself, check it out and see what could potentially be the future of multi touch software…