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Hear Sue speak about “Find Me” on the BBC World Service “World Today” programme (her interview starts at 12mins 40secs in to the programme and lasts about seven minutes).

Read more about “Find Me”

BIG UPDATE: FindMe 2.0 has been announced. Read about all about it.

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After a few weeks of frantic activity on either side of Christmas, we’re (very) pleased to announce that FindMe(Autism) is finally released for free on the iPad apps store (

Sue Fletcher-Watson, the researcher behind the design of the app, alongside Edd McCracken, the Edinburgh Univ press officer has been on Radio Forth and STV talking about the app and its potential for helping children with autism today. Links to follow later.

Personally speaking (and I know I speak for all of us at Interface3), it is apps like these where there is a real potential to help do something that could not be done before that really excites us. Without touch interfaces, toddlers and early years children would have found great difficulty in interacting with a game like this. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

So check it out. FindMe is now available on the apps store.