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One of the principles that we hold dear in Interface3 is the idea of being agile and lean in our software development projects.

This basically translates to two advantages: one, we iterate user designs as much as possible without writing any code, in order to have as accurate an idea of how the user should interact with the app before we start. Two, we are flexible enough to react when we realise something isn’t going to work during the middle of a build and take steps to move direction.

This concept of iteration, and continuous feedback is something also valued at all startups. To this end, I’m delighted to announce that Interface3 will be co-organiser of the upcoming Startup Weekend Edinburgh on 16th Nov 2012.

Startup Weekend is a 54 hour hackathon for people that want to create new products and businesses over a weekend. It is the perfect opportunity to test out new ideas, get lots of feedback and be in an environment where people from different backgrounds and expertise collaborate in a meaningful manner.

Head over to to grab your ticket. Early bird tickets finish on 17th Oct!