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The Interface3 crew has a new member, welcome aboard Chris!
We’ve not quite worked out how it will be best to differentiate between our two Chris’s but aside from that, it’s great to have him in the office.

As with all new team members, he has undergone an intense quizzing from myself and this is what I’ve found out;
He only eats at night (have we hired a vampire?)
He likes computers (this is always good when you’re a developer)
His favorite film is ‘The Land Before Time’ (unexpected choice…)

Chris is currently working part-time while he finished off his undergrad and then he’ll be joining us full-time this summer.

His favorite place?
In front of the computer (Hence the picture). How dedicated.

We are very excited to announce 2 things
1. Our FIRST official partnership with a university.
2. An awesome NEW app that we will be launching soon.

The partnership is with Sue Fletcher-Watson from Edinburgh University School of Education.
The new app is an innovative game designed specifically for very young children with autism.

Sue is part of the ‘CLICK EAST’ project that is addressing the need for good quality software aimed at pre-school children with autism.
The app is aimed at toddlers aged 18mths-3yrs and is designed to help them recognize and pay attention to people.

But why pre-schoolers?
Research shows that the pre-school years can be hugely important in child development, particularly if the child has a developmental disorder (ie. autism or Asperger syndrome).
The National Autistic Society highly recommends the use of educational software in these early years as one of the best methods for parents to encourage their child’s learning.
BUT currently there is very little good quality software to meet this need.


Here at Interface3 we are always excited to be be part of a project that is making it easier for children to learn and develop learning and social skills, so we are delighted to be involved.

And we would love if you would get involved too!
Check out the demo.
Our plan is to have a demo ready to share at BETT this coming January in London.
Let us know your thoughts!

Here at Interface3 we think we’ve put together some pretty sweet games for kids to play together.

But we don’t want to to keep them to ourselves.

So last Friday we were delighted to share our games in a class full of kids at the Junior School in George Watson’s College, Edinburgh.

The kids were introduced to the Interface3 ‘I have’ app and it was great to see them enjoy it (the adults had a pretty good time as well!).

We keep hearing from teachers that the multi touch applications on the market don’t encourage collaborative play so we are dedicated to providing apps that get kids playing and learning together. Check out the app for free :

This week we’ve also been checking out what is happening with technology around the world and stumbled across this massive smartboard,

The demo pretty much speaks for itself, check it out and see what could potentially be the future of multi touch software…

This week has been a BIG week for Interface for 2 very exciting reasons.

1. It’s our 2nd birthday!

2. We’ve got two awesome new guys on our team, say hello to David and Jay!

David is our new Lead Artist and Animator.

Favorite ice-cream flavor? Raspberry Ripple.

David does work as a VJ (visual jockey) in his spare time and has done work for big European festivals like the Burning Man and had his animation featured in Edinburgh Film Festival. Pretty snazzy.

Jay is our new Developer.

Favorite ice-cream flavor? Mint choc-chip.

Jay has been very busy. He just returned from 4 months traveling around Scandinavia and the Arctic in a camper-van with his fiancee Jess. On his travels he had a close call with a killer whale and his fishing rod, luckily the whale was not injured during the incident. Jay, however, was left a little shell-shocked. And last week he and Jess got married. Busy times.

And what are they looking forward to with Interface3? David is looking forward to having the responsibility and freedom to be creative and be involved in a variety of projects. Jay is looking forward to being part of a team which is involved in producing fun and innovative software.

Both of them are proud to have doubled the number of staff in the office and are excited to use the coffee machine.

In other news…

Check out this badass 82-inch multi-touch display that Gizmodo featured at their gallery, it is MASSIVE.

And check out Tesco’s new augmented reality shopping experience. Before you buy something it allows you to ‘hold’ it, move it about and check if it is what you’re looking for. Take a look…

At the discounted price of 69p this app too good to miss.

If you are a coach, or if you love sport, or if you just want to be Gary Lineker, then you need this app.

Basically it allows you to draw on the screen shots of videos you have taken with your iPhone.

So instead of saying to your team, “you should have run from there, to there and around him, passed the ball to him, ran there and then…..”

You can just SHOW them.

So simple.

Get it at;

Also in our weekly round-up of the techno world we came across this interesting little number;

I’m not sure I could cope in a world without Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja…

Technology is changing both how we work and play.

Technology is moving a breakneck speed, look at this for some ideas about what Microsoft reckon the next steps could be,

So you all know that here at Interface3 we love playing games and we think this one is pretty snazzy, apparently this game for the iPad involves using game pieces that “conducts the energy from your fingers to the iPad’s display”. Nice. Check it out.

A picture can say a thousand words.
Have you ever tried to explain a game plan to a rugby team or explain to a football player where they went wrong during a match?
Have you ever wanted to just SHOW them?
Say hello to the 2nd Coach Assist App that lets you do just that.

You can freeze a video screen and draw on it.
Just like they do on MOTD.
But brilliant.

Coming soon for download….

We had an awesome time putting together these games with PBS this summer.

The finished product is a SMART table application with 5 mini-games and activities.

Designed for pre-school children, they can improve  their math skills by;

Popping balloons with Alpha Pig, baking a cake with Wonder Red, decorating a crown with Princess Pesto, DJ-ing with SuperWHY or joining in a massive game of pinata!

But these games are more than just entertainment.

The multiplayer, multitouch design of these games allows children to play and learn numeric and algebraic skills without even noticing.