We will be exhibiting at the Gaming Pavilion at the London Book Fair between 7th-9th April 2014. Our stand number is R705h.

If you’re an e-learning solution provider, or interested in creating interactive content with us, please get in touch through hello at interface3 dot com!

Project Ginsberg, a Scottish Government service for people to understand their wellbeing better in relation to their environment, has announced it is doing ‘open development’. Open development (which has been championed by the Government Digital Service, GDS) is about writing code and developing products in a transparent manner.

Interface3 has been working inside Scottish Government to help concept and realise an exciting vision. The final product will be a cross-platform web and mobile experience.

More details are available in the Ginsberg blog post here.

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Interface3 nominated for Creative Edinburgh Innovate Award

Joust at Creative Edinburgh birthday party Last week, we were lucky enough to be nominated for the Innovate Award at the Creative Edinburgh Awards. As well as being there to hear the result, we were there supporting our friends at Creative Edinburgh by running a game of Johann Sebastian Joust (see photo).

Alas, the Edinburgh International Film Festival won the award, but we all had a great time anyway! Roll on next year!

After an incredible first year, the Edinburgh Mini Maker faire is back for 2014. We’re part of the advisory board and happy to announce that the Faire is looking for Makers for next year. So if you’re a maker, and have something geeky, interesting, or outrageous to show, then please head along to the website to apply!

Call for makers

So you want a mobile app? You’ve got a winning idea and you want to start making it into reality?

Going from the excitment of the initial idea, pull that through to designing, building and then marketing the app can seem quite daunting. There are lots of decisions to be made, like what functionalities the app should have, what should the visual design of the app be, what platform it should run on, and then finally, how to get people to notice your app once you get it out there.

Recently, Kate gave a talk at the AWARE event addressing some of these questions. The event was ran by our research partners for the FindMe app at Edinburgh University. And it aimed to stimulate the conversation about various approaches to designing for children.

The talk is only 15mins long, and it contains a whistle stop tour of all the stages of creating an app, and also the tools that you could use to help you get there.

We’re excited to announce that Interface3 is part of the Sync: Geeks in Residence programme for 2013! Our host is the wonderful National Theatre of Scotland where we’ll be indulging in one of our favourite topics – narrative driven experiences.

The aim of the residency is that over the next 6 months, we will get a chance to explore, spot opportunities and create experiments around interactive storytelling and enhancing the theatre experience. Kate’s first meeting with NTS will be on Monday. She’ll be blogging about the work over here and over at Sync.

Of course, this project isn’t the first time we’ve worked with the theatre sector – our previous projects with Theatre Sandbox, as well as Stobhill, plus Kate’s winning entry for Will’s Hack in December has meant that our love affair with interactive storytelling continues!

We’re delighted to hear local student, Alexandra Kearney, has won the People’s Award at the Lovelace Colloquium. Interface3 has sponsored the prize for the past two years, and it’s part of the continuing support that we want to provide young women in computing with.

Congrats Alexandra!

The Edinburgh Science festival is teaming up with Interface3 to bring you a truly awesome event! The NMS Play Day!

Here is a preliminary look at what games may feature on the day. If you have any ideas for games you would like to see there or if you would like to help out on the day, drop us a comment!

No smiling!

Games are serious stuff… Not really but you better not smile during this game as it involves a duel stare-of. If you make your opponent smile without smiling yourself, you can advance to the next level on the ladder and face who ever else has made it there. The first player to reach the top of the ladder wins the honourable title of Mr Grumpy! Read more…

About four months ago, we started working on a joint initiative between the Scottish Government and NHS24 around how to deliver mental health services using new technologies. Called Project Ginsberg, it aims to reach about 20% of the Scottish population which are struggling to cope under stress.

It’s been a fasinating project. Luckily, we’re also getting the chance to work with some of the best in the digital world too, including Bryan and Stephanie Rieger from Yiibu, Chris O’Suillvan from the Mental Health Foundation and Ruth Stevenson from Ruthless Research.

We’re now looking at a stage where we’re looking for people to help us out with some focus group research. If you’re near Edinburgh and willing to take part, please get in touch in the link below:

Project Ginsberg is a collaboration between Scottish Government and NHS 24, to develop a digital platform that helps people to manage times when they feel distressed or have trouble coping, for whatever reason.  At this early stage of development, we would like to invite you to participate in a focus group to help to develop our ideas and ensure they are relevant to the Scottish public. You would be paid £15 for your time. You can sign up here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ginsberg

Pop-up events such as flash mobs and geocaching have given rise to a new form of gaming that transforms the city into a playground. Take a light-hearted look at the role of play in society and be the first to spot the gaming trends of the future as you play brand new games including Ninja, Gargoyls and the outrageously rude Swordfight which puts the joystick controls of the Atari 2600 to a new and unique use.