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This weekend, most of the Interface3 team is at the Culture Hack Scotland event being held in Glasgow.

Most of us are working on a project which contains the retelling of Edwin Morgan’s Stobhill poems over a 3D computer ‘gaming’ experience. It’s Silent Hill 2 mashed with classic Scottish poetry.
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Hear Sue speak about “Find Me” on the BBC World Service “World Today” programme (her interview starts at 12mins 40secs in to the programme and lasts about seven minutes).

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We are very excited to announce 2 things
1. Our FIRST official partnership with a university.
2. An awesome NEW app that we will be launching soon.

The partnership is with Sue Fletcher-Watson from Edinburgh University School of Education.
The new app is an innovative game designed specifically for very young children with autism.

Sue is part of the ‘CLICK EAST’ project that is addressing the need for good quality software aimed at pre-school children with autism.
The app is aimed at toddlers aged 18mths-3yrs and is designed to help them recognize and pay attention to people.

But why pre-schoolers?
Research shows that the pre-school years can be hugely important in child development, particularly if the child has a developmental disorder (ie. autism or Asperger syndrome).
The National Autistic Society highly recommends the use of educational software in these early years as one of the best methods for parents to encourage their child’s learning.
BUT currently there is very little good quality software to meet this need.


Here at Interface3 we are always excited to be be part of a project that is making it easier for children to learn and develop learning and social skills, so we are delighted to be involved.

And we would love if you would get involved too!
Check out the demo.
Our plan is to have a demo ready to share at BETT this coming January in London.
Let us know your thoughts!

We had an awesome time putting together these games with PBS this summer.

The finished product is a SMART table application with 5 mini-games and activities.

Designed for pre-school children, they can improve  their math skills by;

Popping balloons with Alpha Pig, baking a cake with Wonder Red, decorating a crown with Princess Pesto, DJ-ing with SuperWHY or joining in a massive game of pinata!

But these games are more than just entertainment.

The multiplayer, multitouch design of these games allows children to play and learn numeric and algebraic skills without even noticing.



As mentioned in our last blog post, this week sees the launch of our first product for the SMART Table – ChromaBeats. A collaborative music game aimed at 4-11 year olds, the application helps students in learning to read music and give them the confidence to compose their own short pieces. Starting with the look and feel of popular console games such as Guitar Heroes, we engage students to read music in a natural and intuitive way.

We’ve now got a dedicated website for ChromaBeats for you to find out additional information as well as purchasing a copy.

Please don’t hesitate in dropping us an email at if you have any queries or if you would like a reviewer’s copy.

It’s a week before I have to head off to MEX, we have a new intern starting on our new product, and things have been more than hectic at Interface3 HQ.

Yesterday, we heard some great news that ChromaBeats has been given official accreditation as part of the SMART Technologies Software and Content Accreditation Program:

We’ve been gathering user feedback as well as looking at other features and functionalities to add to the software for the next version which will be released in the new year.

In the meantime, look out for the new exciting project we’ve just kicked off with Simon (our new intern)!