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We will be exhibiting at the Gaming Pavilion at the London Book Fair between 7th-9th April 2014. Our stand number is R705h.

If you’re an e-learning solution provider, or interested in creating interactive content with us, please get in touch through hello at interface3 dot com!

After an incredible first year, the Edinburgh Mini Maker faire is back for 2014. We’re part of the advisory board and happy to announce that the Faire is looking for Makers for next year. So if you’re a maker, and have something geeky, interesting, or outrageous to show, then please head along to the website to apply!

Call for makers

So you want a mobile app? You’ve got a winning idea and you want to start making it into reality?

Going from the excitment of the initial idea, pull that through to designing, building and then marketing the app can seem quite daunting. There are lots of decisions to be made, like what functionalities the app should have, what should the visual design of the app be, what platform it should run on, and then finally, how to get people to notice your app once you get it out there.

Recently, Kate gave a talk at the AWARE event addressing some of these questions. The event was ran by our research partners for the FindMe app at Edinburgh University. And it aimed to stimulate the conversation about various approaches to designing for children.

The talk is only 15mins long, and it contains a whistle stop tour of all the stages of creating an app, and also the tools that you could use to help you get there.

The Edinburgh Science festival is teaming up with Interface3 to bring you a truly awesome event! The NMS Play Day!

Here is a preliminary look at what games may feature on the day. If you have any ideas for games you would like to see there or if you would like to help out on the day, drop us a comment!

No smiling!

Games are serious stuff… Not really but you better not smile during this game as it involves a duel stare-of. If you make your opponent smile without smiling yourself, you can advance to the next level on the ladder and face who ever else has made it there. The first player to reach the top of the ladder wins the honourable title of Mr Grumpy! Read more…

Pop-up events such as flash mobs and geocaching have given rise to a new form of gaming that transforms the city into a playground. Take a light-hearted look at the role of play in society and be the first to spot the gaming trends of the future as you play brand new games including Ninja, Gargoyls and the outrageously rude Swordfight which puts the joystick controls of the Atari 2600 to a new and unique use.

Hacking, making, tinkering … these are all terms to describe the sorts of things that we call ‘side projects’ which often takes up our evenings and weekends.

For some people, its getting their hands dirty with Raspberry Pi, for others, finding a intriguing way to commenerate their cat, making things is the best way to explore and experiment.

But often we do this alone. (For instance, one of my current side projects is building a small adventure game for the Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital, but I haven’t shown it to anyone yet because it’s not finished!)

Read more…

One of the principles that we hold dear in Interface3 is the idea of being agile and lean in our software development projects.

This basically translates to two advantages: one, we iterate user designs as much as possible without writing any code, in order to have as accurate an idea of how the user should interact with the app before we start. Two, we are flexible enough to react when we realise something isn’t going to work during the middle of a build and take steps to move direction.

This concept of iteration, and continuous feedback is something also valued at all startups. To this end, I’m delighted to announce that Interface3 will be co-organiser of the upcoming Startup Weekend Edinburgh on 16th Nov 2012.

Startup Weekend is a 54 hour hackathon for people that want to create new products and businesses over a weekend. It is the perfect opportunity to test out new ideas, get lots of feedback and be in an environment where people from different backgrounds and expertise collaborate in a meaningful manner.

Head over to to grab your ticket. Early bird tickets finish on 17th Oct!