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After four long years, Surface 2.0 finally arrives. This time round, it looks like the team have move the platform to utilise Windows 7 touch, and is collaborating with Samsung to make the hardware a bit more affordable (although at just over $7k, it’s still out of reach for most people). Interestingly, it looks like they’ve abandon the projector based technology, and moved straight into LCD screen with multitouch. This is not unsimilar to more recent approaches to multitouch tables and it’s good to see that Microsoft have embraced it.

The launch of Surface 2.0:

And the “cheesy” Surface 2.0 experience:

Today, Google announced that there would be a tablet specific version of android. Codenamed Honeycomb, the release is rumoured to have higher resolutions and APIs that are tablet specific. Apparently, according to Google – apps will know if they are being run on a tablet device.

Video Demo:

Transcript of Demo:

There are some interesting multitouch gestures that Andy Rubin used to rotate and pan the map view.

Interestingly enough, we wonder whether this is just Google catching up to Apple (with a lot of the interface design principles being borrowed from the iPad). Also, we wonder what other features Honeycomb will have that are very specific to tablets besides the multiple frames/views. Google is famed for producing great, usable UIs, but I still have yet to be convinced about android. Maybe Honeycomb will sweeten me up on that one?

The buzz around the Interface3 office at the moment is about the Advent Vega multitouch tablet. Retailing for £249 at the high street retailers PC World and Currys, the 10 inch android tablet is something that we’ve been waiting to get our hands on.

This is the start of a number of tablets coming out in the lead up to Christmas: Windows 7 and android. Our plans are to experiment with some of the ideas that we’ve been talking about for a while in terms of multi-platform, multi-user collaboration. Having the ability to move content between multitouch tablets and tables quickly: having individual content on the tablet and bringing that content to enable group-based collaborative content on the table. Although we know some of this multi-platform ideas have been talked about for a while; we want to try and make it a cheap, affordable, robust option.

The advent vega is out on the 18th Oct 2010. We’ll hope to be getting ours soon!

Toshiba’s Android tablet, the Folio 100, looks like an interesting device. With NVidia cpu.

Looks like good quality affordable Android 2.2 tablets are coming from Archos in the shape of the their 101 and 70 internet tablets. Slim design, good processors, reasonable storage with expansion options, capacitive multitouch 10.1 and 7 inch screens, ranging from £230 to £300. A tad cheaper than the £600 Samsungs Galaxy tablet!