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Due to the popularity of FindMe(Autism), a new major update is to be released now.

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The app has seen over 50,000 downloads and is one of the most popular autism apps available.

Updating the existing free app, this release will make FindMe(Autism) finally available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPhone version will be exactly the same as the iPad app, so parents and teachers can use the app on the go.

In addition, this new release will add two major features.

The first feature is a brand new mode added to the game. This new mode essentially encourages the players to recognise what the character is pointing to or looking at.  Starting with a pointed finger, the character asks the child to tap on what object they are pointing to. The game gets progressively harder as the character begins to simply look at the item. This mode introduces 11 new levels to the pre-existing ones available in the free app.

The second feature is the ability to record your own voice for items and instructions. This makes it possible to have the child’s own parents, teachers or even their own voices inside the game. This feature was built after numerous feedback from parents who wanted the instructions in their own language.

These two features will come at a small price of £4.99 ($7.99) each. This is done in order to recoup some of the costs involved in designing and developing the app. It will be also used to produce an android version of the app, which has also been a popular suggestion.

It is important to emphasise that the 4 levels available in the existing game is and will always be free for everyone to play.

All of these functionalities will bring a whole new audience to the game, as well as provide a whole new set of extensions to those familiar with it.

For press enquiries, please contact in order to get an advance review of the updated game.

Recently, a number of clients have asked us about what the best way to get attention in the apps store is. It’s pretty well known that the following three pieces of information (in this order) is what helps a user determine whether to buy an app:

  • The icon
  • The title
  • The screenshots

It’s been said that the icon can make or break an app. For instance, after TapTapTap’s released ‘Faces’ with what they thought was a sub-standard icon, it flopped to #198 in the apps store, after a revamp and a quick change in name, it jumped 149 places to #59 in the entertainment section.

Your goal in designing a great app icon is to make sure it stands out from the rest of the icons in the apps store, or the user’s phone. 

One important tool in designing a great app icon is to try and get as much feedback as possible. There are a few options for doing this:

Colleague and Close Friends. Cost: $ Time: Low.  Put a few ideas together, get some feedback from a few colleagues via email, and get people to choose. Pros: quick and simple. Cons: small sample size can lead to a lot of personal bias.

Mailing Lists and Social Media. Cost: $ Time: Medium. Same as above, but post your designs onto a blog (e.g. wordpress) or somewhere like and send the link to a few mailing lists, facebook and twitter to invite feedback. Pros: quick and simple. Cons: not asking people that are interested in buying your app (i.e. at the point of purchase).

A/B Testing using quiz sites. Cost: $. Time: Medium. Upload your best designs to somewhere like HeyCrowd or Mechanical Turk which has a ready made audience for you to test. Pros: much larger sample and slightly more accurate. Cons: Can cost money to get feedback and still not asking people at the point of purchase.

A/B Testing using landing pages and adwords. Cost: $$$ Time: High. Create a landing page for your app. Place different versions of the icons inside the page using an A/B testing system (e.g. KISSMetrics or Mixpanel), buy some adwords related to what your app is about and link it to your landing page. Pros: the best way to get feedback since the people judging are the people that are highly likely to be your product audience. Cons: time and cost preparations are high.

How you approach getting feedback will depend on how much time and budget you have, as well as it being proportionate to the amount of investment you’ve put into the app. If you’d like to talk about this further, please drop us an email or comment here!

At the discounted price of 69p this app too good to miss.

If you are a coach, or if you love sport, or if you just want to be Gary Lineker, then you need this app.

Basically it allows you to draw on the screen shots of videos you have taken with your iPhone.

So instead of saying to your team, “you should have run from there, to there and around him, passed the ball to him, ran there and then…..”

You can just SHOW them.

So simple.

Get it at;

Also in our weekly round-up of the techno world we came across this interesting little number;

I’m not sure I could cope in a world without Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja…

A picture can say a thousand words.
Have you ever tried to explain a game plan to a rugby team or explain to a football player where they went wrong during a match?
Have you ever wanted to just SHOW them?
Say hello to the 2nd Coach Assist App that lets you do just that.

You can freeze a video screen and draw on it.
Just like they do on MOTD.
But brilliant.

Coming soon for download….