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Technology is changing both how we work and play.

Technology is moving a breakneck speed, look at this for some ideas about what Microsoft reckon the next steps could be,

So you all know that here at Interface3 we love playing games and we think this one is pretty snazzy, apparently this game for the iPad involves using game pieces that “conducts the energy from your fingers to the iPad’s display”. Nice. Check it out.

Today, Google announced that there would be a tablet specific version of android. Codenamed Honeycomb, the release is rumoured to have higher resolutions and APIs that are tablet specific. Apparently, according to Google – apps will know if they are being run on a tablet device.

Video Demo:

Transcript of Demo:

There are some interesting multitouch gestures that Andy Rubin used to rotate and pan the map view.

Interestingly enough, we wonder whether this is just Google catching up to Apple (with a lot of the interface design principles being borrowed from the iPad). Also, we wonder what other features Honeycomb will have that are very specific to tablets besides the multiple frames/views. Google is famed for producing great, usable UIs, but I still have yet to be convinced about android. Maybe Honeycomb will sweeten me up on that one?