Enhancing the Theatre Experience: Interface3 works with National Theatre of Scotland

We’re excited to announce that Interface3 is part of the Sync: Geeks in Residence programme for 2013! Our host is the wonderful National Theatre of Scotland where we’ll be indulging in one of our favourite topics – narrative driven experiences.

The aim of the residency is that over the next 6 months, we will get a chance to explore, spot opportunities and create experiments around interactive storytelling and enhancing the theatre experience. Kate’s first meeting with NTS will be on Monday. She’ll be blogging about the work over here and over at Sync.

Of course, this project isn’t the first time we’ve worked with the theatre sector – our previous projects with Theatre Sandbox, as well as Stobhill, plus Kate’s winning entry for Will’s Hack in December has meant that our love affair with interactive storytelling continues!

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