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BIG UPDATE: FindMe 2.0 has been announced. Read about all about it.

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After a few weeks of frantic activity on either side of Christmas, we’re (very) pleased to announce that FindMe(Autism) is finally released for free on the iPad apps store (

Sue Fletcher-Watson, the researcher behind the design of the app, alongside Edd McCracken, the Edinburgh Univ press officer has been on Radio Forth and STV talking about the app and its potential for helping children with autism today. Links to follow later.

Personally speaking (and I know I speak for all of us at Interface3), it is apps like these where there is a real potential to help do something that could not be done before that really excites us. Without touch interfaces, toddlers and early years children would have found great difficulty in interacting with a game like this. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

So check it out. FindMe is now available on the apps store.


  1. Please do an Android version if at all possible

  2. Hi there I was just wondering if you will be coming up with another app for children that are in the age group 2-4. I’ve been using this app with two students with autism and they both really enjoy it, howvever they both have mastered it. I was looking for something else that would challenge them.


  3. After much searching found the find me app. The lad I work with responds so well to voice of computer. Really need more apps like this where I can be silent and let him be independent without spending much money. Keep up the great work and hope you come up with new gamessoon

  4. Great app, can i help to make it ready for the Dutch language?

  5. I really like this game. I have a son with autism who is eight and he has issues with transition and things being moved. This helps his tolerance to moving objects. It is so relaxing.

  6. Any chance to have applications like this in more languages. Spanish for example?

  7. My two year old daughter on the spectrum loves this app. It’s very relaxing for her yet entertaining at the same time. She seems to enjoy the animations and particularly how objects, animals etc.. are named when she taps on them. She loves the excitement in the character’s voice when she says “you found me!” and she often repeats her! She is verbal but her communication skills -as opposed to vocabulary- are weak, making a three word “sentence” a nice thing to hear. I hope that you continue to make apps such as this one and the fact that it is free, and dedicated to a growing, still largely misunderstood disability, is very generous and caring.

  8. I just updated the app to the latest version and now every time the p starts it automatically closes after about 5 to ten seconds. I cannot even point to the person once before the app just shuts down and closes. I never had this problem prior to this update. I am using iPad 1 with iOS 5.1. I also use an app to clear all the memory on the iPad so that it has enough memory when engaging a new app.

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