The List of Games for the Science Festival Play Day event!

The Edinburgh Science festival is teaming up with Interface3 to bring you a truly awesome event! The NMS Play Day!

Here is a preliminary look at what games may feature on the day. If you have any ideas for games you would like to see there or if you would like to help out on the day, drop us a comment!

No smiling!

Games are serious stuff… Not really but you better not smile during this game as it involves a duel stare-of. If you make your opponent smile without smiling yourself, you can advance to the next level on the ladder and face who ever else has made it there. The first player to reach the top of the ladder wins the honourable title of Mr Grumpy!

The secret


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No picture or description i gave can do this game justice! Click the link to see its true awesome potential!

Cardboard tube fighting league

The league actually exists!

We will be hosting an unofficial sparring session. The rules are simple: break the other persons cardboard tube before yours breaks! Obsidian, mythril or anything other than cardboard swords are forbidden.

Blindfolded object retriever

You and your partner must get all the objects back from the circle into your base before the other teams do. Simple right? Except… only your partner can actually touch the objects… and they are blindfolded… and you are only able to guide them, by moving around an extremely long stick that they are holding the other end of. Add to this chaos the other teams in similar situations and it get a little tricky!


Jump into the ninja circle and freeze! Remain frozen until your ninja senses alert you to a rival ninja seeking to disable your hand. Swiftly dodge and then lie in wait for your own counter. When your enemies have finished taking their individual turns, it is your shot to spring into action with a deadly combination of moves that dazzle and confuse your opponents. When the time is right, end your turn by swiping at an unsuspecting victim. If you touch their hand before they can dodge, they will be disable in that arm until the next game. When they lose both arms they are out. Be the last ninja standing!

Surgeon simulator

The guys from eoSurgical have kindly agreed to bring along their trainee surgeon box where you can try out your hand-eye dexterity on a plastic box in need of medical attention!

Tigerface games demo

The games side of Interface3, Tigerface games, will be supplying iPads and maybe even a touch table for everyone to try out some of their great games!



The first team will freeze in their gargoyle positions while the second team are free to move around with only one rule – they have to avoid touching any frozen gargoyles or they are out. Clever players will make the most of their movement turn by getting themselves in a good position to ‘turn to stone’ in that will result in the opposition touching them when they unfreeze.

It is very likely we will be adding and removing games from this list as well as modifying rules. If you want to get involved in that process then leave a comment. Check back here for updates!

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