Augmented Reality: SmartSpace Stands

Augmented Reality
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Nominated for Most Innovative use of AR at the AR Summit Awards.

This state-of-the-art showcase app for the Reed Exhibition SmartSpace team allows you to view their exhibition stand in 3D.

Using the latest techniques in Augmented Reality, a Smartspace customer can use a ‘marker’ ┬áto virtually view their stand from multiple angles. The customer simply scans the marker (typically an image) with their smart phone and types in their stand number; the 3D model of their stand is then displayed inside the app.

Two display modes: You can set whether the marker is being displayed on-screen or on-paper. Both will display the same model, but will set the view to give you to optimal experience.

Lock/Unlock: You can set the model to lock onto the marker. When in this mode, rotating the marker will rotate the model. When in the unlock mode, you can swipe to move the model freely.

More updates will follow in the next few months.