Digital Photo Booth: Green Screen Experience

Microsoft Kinect SDK
Edinburgh Twestival
The Project

Encouraging people to tweet from events isn’t easy. Getting that social media engagement at an event has been a tricky problem that we’ve been thinking about. So when we got the chance, we combined augmented reality with a bit of green screen technology to produce a photo booth experience that is out of this world!

This digital photo booth allows users to put on different costumes and change their destination all with the wave of a hand. In their different worlds, they can pose for an awesome photo which will be tweeted back at them, ready to be shared and retweeted. Also, Photo Booth keeps a copy of all of the photos, ready for them to be uploaded onto Facebook and tagged for the morning after!

The result was a fantastically fun photo experience shared with those outside the Twestival, as well as photos being shared inside the Twestival with the use of the big projection wall. Best of all, the Digital Photo Booth is customisable for a wide range of costumes and settings.