Culture Hack Day
The Project

The challenge for this year’s Culture Hack Scotland was to create a hack using any of the numerous datasets available to us.

Going through the dataset, we noticed some of Edwin Morgan’s poetry. One of Morgan’s most famous works was ‘Stobhill’ a powerful piece of storytelling recalling an incident in Glasgow’s Stobhill hospital which several of us had read. This story was lent itself to a dark atmospheric environment and we wanted to retell it through an 3D immersive experience similar to Silent Hill and Bioshock.

Not only was the hack experimental, it also had to be design and created within 24 hours.

We worked with local theatre group DropHound to design the levels and plan the way that the story unfolds. Then our developers set to work on building out the levels using Unity3D, while the sound team went off to record the poem with various actors and actresses we acquired along the way. We pulled everything together late afternoon and the whole experience was packaged up into a desktop build that allowed anyone to play through.

In 24 hours, two thirds of the ‘game’ was built. Overall the experience was really well received and we got a ‘Special Mention’ from Culture Hack’s SYNC team for managing to squeeze in so much work into a small number of hours!