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Great news for us today! The AR Summit, held in London on the 13th of June, is an annual conference and exhibition providing an insight into the next year of Augmented Reality technologies – of which we are something of a fan. We’re such big fans, in fact, that the AR Summit 2012 has seen fit to nominate us for an award for Most Innovative Use of AR! We’re very pleased with this nomination, which recognises our hard work in creating AR applications which are easy to use and ultimately useful.
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Hear Sue speak about “Find Me” on the BBC World Service “World Today” programme (her interview starts at 12mins 40secs in to the programme and lasts about seven minutes).

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At the discounted price of 69p this app too good to miss.

If you are a coach, or if you love sport, or if you just want to be Gary Lineker, then you need this app.

Basically it allows you to draw on the screen shots of videos you have taken with your iPhone.

So instead of saying to your team, “you should have run from there, to there and around him, passed the ball to him, ran there and then…..”

You can just SHOW them.

So simple.

Get it at;

Also in our weekly round-up of the techno world we came across this interesting little number;

I’m not sure I could cope in a world without Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja…

Technology is changing both how we work and play.

Technology is moving a breakneck speed, look at this for some ideas about what Microsoft reckon the next steps could be,

So you all know that here at Interface3 we love playing games and we think this one is pretty snazzy, apparently this game for the iPad involves using game pieces that “conducts the energy from your fingers to the iPad’s display”. Nice. Check it out.